Sync with recent data from vCenter

Is there any option that we can sync the recent data from vCenter. I have a test cluster which is got discovered initially, however I have now restricted the lapr2rrd user to this test cluster (both ESXi and Datastore). But even after ./ or ./ html still the old information is visible in GUI.


  • Hi,

    we need "full" read-only rights to the vcenter, we do not support it with restricted rights, we do not test it etc
  • This means the monitoring will shows whole vCenter inventory.

    In this case, do we have any script which can help to remove the discovered data from GUI? Which might have deleted from vCenter. Example I have deleted some test host or storage which are removed/deleted from vCenter how can we remove it manually.
  • Hi,

    do you want to remove all vCenter data or just selected one?

  • Selective data removal I am looking for. Thanks 
  • I am looking for a manual removal of some host cluster/datastore cluster which are no more present in the vCenter which was created for test purpose. But those are still shows in GUI even after removed from vCenter.
  • Hi
    not updated items (vcenter. cluster, datastore) disappear from menu after 30 days of inactivity.
    Is it OK with you?
  • jafiznazim
    edited December 2019
    Can we change the default 30 days. If yes, how can we do this. Thanks
  • Jindra waiting for you suggestion on tweaking the 30day inactivity. Thanks
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