Linux as standalone not vm

Hi, in my lpar2rrd I have few standalone (physical) Linux hosts and vcenter with few clusters and dozens vms. All of vms are Linux as well with agent installed and reporting to the server. Linux previously marked as a standalone were moved to VMware menu and all is in the same place after adding vcenter. Everything works as a charm but one day I cloned one vm. It is displayed in the standalone menu even though it is in the same VMware cluster as others. Simply data from agent is not merged into VMware info. I have some data in VMware and some data in standalone menu. How to fix that? Is it related to cloning of VM? Thx.


  • Hi, it depends what was the cloning process.

    1. the new VM should have another (new) uuid, not the original VM one
    2. lpar2rrd Linux data dir e.g. /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/data/Linux/no_hmc/<your VM name> must contain file uuid.txt, in which there is the new uuid sent by agent from linux VM, and this is used for merging with VMware

    Check also web pages

  • Hi, thanks for a clue. This was in deed issue with uuid. VM was cloned using vmware methods, so both vms have different uuid, so that was not the issue. The issue was file /opt/lpar2rrd/.uuid was missing. It should be created during installation, and handeld by systemd service. For any reason it was missing (file and systemd service. Reinstallation of agent helped.

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