Lpar2rrd Windows agent removal

Hello team,

i was able to uninstall the agent with the script provided without any issue but i'm still able to see the removed server on the Xormon GUI (Server + Hyper-v).

how can i remove this ?


  • Hi,
    do you have just one WIN server so you can/want remove whole windows section
    you have more WIN servers and you want to remove only one server from gui?

  • hello Jindra,

    i have more than one server in the GUI and want to remove one of them
  • manolis
    edited September 2021
    any hint?
  • Hello,
    if you want just remove one WIN server then do these commands from cmd line:
    Be sure you have valid backup

    Find the path you your server:

    su - lpar2rrd
    cd lpar2rrd
    ls -ld data/windows/domain_*/*|grep <your_server_name>

    You will see path to your server like e.g.

    drwxr-xr-x 1 lpar2rrd lpar2rrd  778 May 31 12:24 data/windows/domain_ad.xorux.com/<your_server_name>

    then you can remove only this server by cmd:

    rm -r data/windows/domain_ad.xorux.com/<your_server_name>

    Server disappears from GUI lately on midnight run (next day)

    or you can force new GUI immediatelly by:

    ./load.sh html

    and refresh your GUI

  • thank you!
    i will try it
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