SAN switch status problem

I have a problem with the health status of Brocade SAN switches, they are reachable by snmp, stor2rrd collects data, but in the Health Status -> Switch status tab they have operational status set to failed, while the reason status is set to Down / Failed.

Both switches use firmware v9.0.1b. SNMPv1 community is set with index number 4 and privileges set to READ. The ip address stor2rrd was added to the ACL and set to READ.

Do I have to do any additional configuration to get the correct status from the switches?
There is a limited number of open ports on the network where stor2rrd is located, could the lack of an open port 162 / udp be a problem?

Port 161 / udp is open.


  • Hi,

    what returns this snmpwalk command?

    snmpwalk -v 2c -c public <switch IP>

    This is the same way as we use to collect health status information.
    Here is an example from our lab:

    snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
    SNMPv2-SMI::experimental. = INTEGER: 3

    ok (3) - Healthy/ok

    connUnitStatus -
    Overall status of the connectivity unit. This switch status is based on the most severe status of  contributors like Power supplies, Temperatures, Fans, WWN servers, Standby CP, Blades, Flash,  Marginal ports, Faulty ports, Missing SFPs, and so on. switchStatusPolicyShow command displays the policy parameters that determines the overall switch status.
    Possible values are:
    • unknown (1) - Unknown
    • unused (2) - Unmonitored
    • ok (3) - Healthy/ok
    • warning (4) - Marginal/Warning
    • failed (5) - Down/Failed

    The switch side shows this:

    brocade01:admin> switchstatusshow
    Switch Health Report                        Report time: 04/20/2022 12:58:14 PM
    Switch Name: brocade01
    IP address:
    SwitchState: HEALTHY
    Duration: 17784:43

    Power supplies monitor HEALTHY
    Temperatures monitor  HEALTHY
    Fans monitor          HEALTHY
    Flash monitor          HEALTHY
    Marginal ports monitor HEALTHY
    Faulty ports monitor  HEALTHY
    Missing SFPs monitor  HEALTHY
    Fabric Watch is not licensed
    Detailed port information is not included
  • tsniad
    edited April 2022
    snmpwalk returned:
    snmpwalk -v 2c -c <community> <ip-address>
    SNMPv2-SMI::experimental. = INTEGER: 5

    On the server side, the switchstatusshow command does not work, but I used switchshow which returned:

    switchName:     <Switch Name>
    switchType:     181.0
    switchState:    Online
    switchMode:     Native
    switchRole:     Principal
    switchDomain:   1
    switchId:       <Switch ID>
    switchWwn:      <Switch WWN>
    zoning:         ON (<Zone>)
    switchBeacon:   OFF
    FC Router:      OFF
    Fabric Name:    Fab_A
    HIF Mode:       OFF
    Allow XISL Use: OFF
    LS Attributes:  [FID: 128, Base Switch: No, Default Switch: Yes, Ficon Switch: No, Address Mode 0]

    I have replaced some information with entries in <> and omitted the port information.

    Currently, FOS v9.0.1b is installed on the switches.
  • Hi,

    does this command work on your switch?
    brocade01:admin> switchstatuspolicyshow
    The current overall switch status policy parameters:
                       Down    Marginal
         PowerSupplies    2           1
           Temperatures    2           1
                         Fans    2           1
                        Flash    0           1
           MarginalPorts    2           1
               FaultyPorts    2           1
            MissingSFPs    0           0

  • Viktor
    edited April 2022

    I have same problem on 2 of my switches.
    They both are HPE SN6500B 16GB 96/96 (other switches differ)
    Both has v8.2.2c (there are other switches in fabric with same versions but without failure status)
    Both has *BAD_FAN (CRITICAL) in mapsdb --show, but
    Fan 1 is Ok, speed is 2035 RPM
    Fan 2 is Ok, speed is 2023 RPM
    Fan 3 is Ok, speed is 2011 RPM
    Fan 4 is Ok, speed is 12001 RPM
    Fan 5 is Ok, speed is 11969 RPM

    switchstatusshow or switchstatuspolicyshow doesn't work

  • HPE support adviced to do hareboot and it helped.
    mapsdb --show now show
    2 Switch Health Report:

    Current Switch Policy Status: HEALTHY

    And status in stor2rrd is OK as well as snmpwalk
    snmpwalk -v 2c -c public <ip>
    iso. = INTEGER: 3

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