Power Server not shown

I've found that all Power servers disappeared from "IBM Power Systems" menu. There is only "HMC Totals".
I suppose that this problem raised after planned works on a network. Network connectivity was lost during this procedure.
I've rebooted hmc, restarted load.sh, but no success. Still no servers in the menu.
I've checked load_hmc_rest_api* logs and did not find any problem.
Could you help me to resolve the issue.


  • Hi,

    do these files update regularly? 

    ls -l data/*/*/pool.rrm;

    ./load.sh html;
  • Some additions.
    After network outage it turned out that "Performance monitoring data collection" on hmc was disabled.
    I enabled "Performance monitoring data collection" and rebooted hmc.

  • Thank a lot!
    ./load.sh html did the trick.
    All servers are available now.

  • This is probably the reason Powers disappeared from menu. You can either wait or run these commands after data collection is started again.

    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd; #or LPAR2RRD dir
    ./load.sh html;
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