Bug with graph scaling on standalone Windows server


This server have 28 cores, and on this day it had over 80% utilization at 16h but graph shows 0.2 - 0.3 of something.

- RRDTOOL version 1.4.8
- RRDp version 1.4008

Monitored server is Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

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  • Hi,

    do you see that even on other (all) Win servers/VMs?

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    Yes I see this problem on all Windows. But not on AIX / RHEL server or VMware graphs 

    Same server:
    CPU from VMware:

    CPU from VMI - agent

    (There are some other issues regrading Windows monitoring, but I will report them one by one to avoid confusion.)

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  • Hi,

    are you sure it is the same server in both graphs?
    It should have 28 CPU (like in Vmware example and your initial example) but the last grapgh says 7.
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    Yes I am sure. Server have 28 CPU but VMI - agent show only 7 in graph

    Show from "Configuration" tab

     View from VMware:

  • but there was 28 on the first screenshot you sent the day before actual screenshot.
  • Hi,

    you are correct, but for some reason i have lost receiving info from this server:

    So i have include different server but with same problem on witch i have full graph.
    Sorry for confusion.
    OLD.PNG 22.1K
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