Access Gateway Switches and BNA


We have pretty big farbics and stor2rrd monitoring configured through BNA. We can see infromation about all switches in Native mode, but no switches in Access Gateway Mode.


  • Hello,

    can you try these cURL commands?

    1. Logging in
    - set <BNA user>, <user password>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
    curl -ks -X POST -H "WSUsername:<BNA user>" -H "WSPassword:<user password>" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" -i https://<BNA IP>:<BNA PORT>/rest/login
    2. realtime performance statistics for 1 FC switch
    - set <WStoken>, <switchWWN>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
    curl -ks -X GET -H "WStoken:<WStoken>" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" -i https://<BNA IP>:<BNA PORT>/rest/resourcegroups/All/fcswitches/
    3. Logging out
    - set <WStoken>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
    curl -ks -X POST -H "WStoken:<WStoken>" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" -i https://<BNA IP>:<BNA PORT>/rest/logout

    Check if switches which are in Access Gateway Mode are presented in the output from the second command.
    Let us know.
  • Hello,

    No, there are no switches in AG mode present in the output of the second command. Only Native mode switches are shown. Even though i use account with "SAN system administrator" and "ALL fabrics" roles.

  • Hello,

    Any advice how i can fix it? Or do i need to wait a fix from you?
    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    data collection through BNA for switches in AG mode is not supported yet. Anyway i added this request to our todo list.
    Unfortunately we haven't access to any BNA which has some switches in AG mode in our lab now.

    As a temporary workaround you can configure data collection for each single switch in AG mode through snmp. And monitor them separately.
  • Hello,
    Ok, thank you.
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