graph on server doesn't show latest timestamp

I monitor several IBM i systems, but one system (model 9009) does not show info till real time.
Time here is now 16:25, when I check the graph but graph only show info till 06:00-ish this morning.
What can I do to investigate more/and or provide you guys with the proper information to help me solve this?



  • Hi,

    do you have proper time on the HMC?

    ssh hmc "date"

    If you use HMC CLI (ssh) access then assure lslparutil time is more less same as the HMc time in this output

    su - lpar2rrd
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd

  •  Thanks Pavel, you've pointed me in the right direction. We have two hmc's (both have correct times) but time and sample rate on for concerned server was NOK. I corrected this and all data for all server is nowup-to-date.
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