Issue with lpar2rrd and vmware connectivity

I have had with 6.10 and 2 separate instances of lpar2rrd.  They run for a period of time.  Suddenly in the log I get the following:

Tue Dec 3 05:30:08 2019: vmw2rrd failed during connect for username='lpar2rrd', host='' : Error: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.
/var/www/html/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/bin/ : Operation not permitted

In once instance I had to delete the vmware configuration, change the password on the vcsa side and then recreate the configuration (using the same name so that i didn't lose the historical data)

Just changing the passwords on both sides does not work.

This is killing me at this point

Any suggestions?



  • Hi,

    Do you have attached same vCenter on both lpar2rrd instances?
    Does it work properly with one lpar2rrd instance?
    I do not ubnderstad why do you have to change passowrd.
    rd when both instances working correctly for some time.
    What is exactly "period of time"? Months? Does not expire lpar2rrd password in vCenter?

    Can you connect via command line:
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd

    . etc/lpar2rrd.cfg

    $PERL vmware-lib/apps/ --server <vCenter host> --username

    "lpar2rrd@your_domain" --password "XXXXX"
      Connection Successful

  • $PERL vmware-lib/apps/ --server <vCenter host> --username "lpar2rrd@your_domain" --password "XXXXX"

  • At the time it didn't.  I actually had to delete and recreate the user in the vcsa to get it to work.  It appears that the VCSA has a 90 day reset on the password that there is no way to bypass and once it hits lockout mode you play hell trying to get it to be fixed.

    The lpar2rrd instances where connecting to 2 separate clusters but the less problematic one was noticed after about 3 hrs vs 5 days. 

  • Hi,

    you can definitelly set to do not expire user password. Check vCenter ...

    Let me understad that, monitoring running fine just for 3 hours? Then you have to recreate user on vCenter?

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