Solaris IO latency

Hi! We are using lpar2rrd on VMWare and IBM Power environment, it works great! Recently we have bought a new SPARC M8 server, and sight incorrect IO latency data from solaris ldoms. And also we do not receive data on network traffic from agents.


  • Hi,

    lpar2rrd server and OS agent versions.
  • LPAR2RRD server and agent version is 6.10

  • Hi,

    can you upgrade to the latest 6.11 (server) and 6.11-3 (agent)?
    There is a lot of improvements in Solaris like new presentation in the menu tree.
    Also several bugs was fixed, it sounds like one of it.

    Let us know.
  • Of course i will install updates! Thank you!
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    Hi, Pavel! I have upgraded lpar2rrd server and agent, now i can see network traffic statistic and new presentation in the menu tree. It looks good! IO latency statistic still incorrect. In the attachment, I outlined my assumptions why this is happening.
  • ok, got it, we need to do this to compute total latency from your iostat output

    svc_t = wsvc_t + asvc_t

    svc_t:    average response time of transactions, in milliseconds

        The svc_t output reports the overall response time, rather than the service time, of a device. The overall time includes the time that transactions are in queue and the time that transactions are being serviced. The time spent in queue is shown with the -x option in the wsvc_t output column. The time spent servicing transactions is the true service time. Service time is also shown with the -x option and appears in the asvc_t output column of the same report.

    wsvc_t:    average service time in wait queue, in milliseconds

    asvc_t:    average service time of active transactions, in milliseconds

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