SanNav management and Stor2rrd

Dear Team,
As everyone knows BNA will not be supported after 2022 (End of Life). Broadcom created a new tool "SANNav" (see link: Do you have any information about implementation in the stor2rrd connection between the SANNav and the Stor2rrd? At this moment we are using connection between stor2rrd and BNA and it's works properlly.



  • Hi,

    yep, we are aware of that. It is on our todo however priority is quite low now.
    Do not expect it anytime soon.
  • Hi,
    Thank you so much for the information!

  • Hi Paval - is there any news on this subject - SANNAV - 

  • HI John,

    well SANnav, it is a hard nut. Trying it for years … actually we stuck again some time ago, SANnav can provide perf data via streaming it into Kafka only!,

    However we were not able even this make working, need Brocade support, but we have not paid support for it  …

    Then no way for us at the moment.

  • Hi Pavel - thx for update - I agree it is uphill with Brocade support :-)  
  • Thx 4Info. So our Journey ends. BNA ist EOL/EOSL end of this month. Direct access vir SNMP kicks our CPU to >50%. Thanks for that great tool. 
  • Hi,

    regarding high CPU usage when SNMP is used,
    It could be avioided, provide us:
    - stor2rrd version
    - crontab -l | grep -i san
    - SNMP version you use in switch configuration

  • Years ago we had an issue with that, and after the switch to bna api everything turns fine. Additional we did not get 161 through the firewall, but that was OK as we can use BNA. Stor2rrd-Server -> BNA -> snmp -> Switch was allowed. 
  • Hi,

    just to close the thread, SANnav support is already developed and will be released in mid of Sep in STOR2RRD v7.50.

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