Hyper-V cluster not showing

I have download the latest virtual appliance and started it up successfully, added a few servers both standalone and nodes of a Hyper-V cluster but the cluster iteself is not showing in the web GUI.
Followed instructions and set appropriate rights on the cluster.


PS. The Hyper-V cluster is Win2012R2. Also have Win2016 and Win2019 servers.


  • Hi,
    i found an error in the LPAR2RRD-agent-Configuration.ps1, the agent config file are writed with  _  but the installation process create it with -
    agent_config.txt instead of agent-config.txt

    In the intallation directory, i changed the file name from agent-config.txt to agent_config.txt and everything has started working.
    version are lpar2rrd 6.11 and win agent 1.3.3
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