Load issues after upgrade to 6.10

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After upgrade to 6.10 on server and client, we were facing issues regarding comunication with the server, in all lpars except one. Also it was consuming CPU with lscfg command.

We reinstalled rpm on clients, restarted processes, restarted xorux server and the issue persist.

Can you help me with this?

Name           PID  CPU%  PgSp Owner    
lscfg      22611152  2.5 23.9M lpar2rrd 
lscfg      24903766  2.5 25.1M lpar2rrd 
lscfg      29033406  2.5 24.1M lpar2rrd 
lscfg       7735148  2.4 25.8M lpar2rrd 
lscfg      47121364  2.3 24.4M lpar2rrd 
lscfg      23659020  2.3 26.0M lpar2rrd 
lscfg       6293730  2.1 24.1M lpar2rrd

lpar2rrd@(/home/lpar2rrd)# /usr/bin/perl /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/lpar2rrd-agent.pl -d xorux
LPAR2RRD agent version:6.10-0
Tue Oct  8 11:39:13 2019
main timeout 50
uname -W 2>/dev/null
lsattr -El `lscfg -lproc* 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err|cut -d ' ' -f3|head -1` -a frequency -F value 2>/dev/null
lsdev -Cc processor 2>/dev/null
bindprocessor -q 2>/dev/null
vmstat -v 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
svmon -G 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lsattr -El sys0 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lparstat -i
vmstat -sp ALL 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lsps -s 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
amepat 2>/dev/null
lsdev -C 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
ifconfig -a 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
could not resolve Paging 1
entstat -d en0 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err|egrep 'Bytes:|^Packets:'
fork iostat 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
iostat fork timeout 20
iostat -Dsal 5 1 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
Fork wlmstat 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
wlmstat fork timeout 20
/usr/sbin/wlmstat 5 1 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/wlmstat -M 2>/dev/null
lsattr -a attach -El  fscsi0 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
fcstat fcs0 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lsattr -a attach -El  fscsi1 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
fcstat fcs1 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lsattr -a attach -El  fscsi2 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
fcstat fcs2 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
lsattr -a attach -El  fscsi3 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
fcstat fcs3 2>>/var/tmp/lpar2rrd-agent-xorux-lpar2rrd.err
Wlmstat fork ended successfully
lsdev -Ccdisk: AIX disk ID searching
: found some ids
Tue Oct  8 11:40:04 2019: agent timed out after : 50 seconds /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/lpar2rrd-agent.pl:426

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi,

    we are trying to get volume UUID via
    lscfg -vl  <disk name>

    Ho long does it run from command line?

  • Yes I saw that command in ps - ef executed by lpar2rrd, randomly in all disks. but we have a lot of disks, i.e 9665 disks in 1 lpar.

    The issue was during 24hs so I decided to downgrade to 6.02 to avoid CPU consumption on production machines. This version is working properly.
  • Hi,

    the agent gets all disk UUIDs.
    it is something we will need in the near future for mapping disks between storage/server (lpar/vm)

    It runs every hour.
    We have just change it to once a day. Would that be still unacceptable for your env?
    10k disk devices is really quite huge numbers, I have never seen that.
    I am affraid that even once a day it is something what can make problems :(

    As s workaround would be skipping that on some parameters.

  • I've never had issue with any version. It just happens with 6.10. 
    So the UUID was get without issues in version 6.02

    We have 5 lpars with the same configuration, but worked in 1 lpar. The others had 'agent timed out after : 50 seconds'  message.

    It was "hanged" during a day until I change version

    consuming high CPU

    Yes, 10k hdisks is a crazy thing. Veritas multipath generate that number of devices. The server has 600 disks.

  • 6.02 and olders do not get UUIDs, it is was introduced in 6.10
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