ACL - user with limited privileges can see all standalone ESX hosts


I have added a new user with limited ACL (he should be able to see some power lpars and some vmware vm's).
I noticed that this user can also see names of other VCenters (but no performance data).
The user also sees performance data for standalone ESX hosts (not in cluster), within a vcenter.

Is this expected behaviour?
Will this be fixed in a future version?

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  • Update on this:

    I have installed lpar2rrd 6.10 version. ACL feature seems to be slightly improved.
    - User sees perfdata only for allowed vm's/lpars.
    - User sees names of other VCenters but no perfdata
    - Problem still: User can go to settings menu in top right and show logs/ view data checks, this exposes a lot of data which shouldn't be visible to the user.
  • Hi,

    it is implemented, there will be minor version release in 2 weeks (6.11), it will be included there.
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