Issue with favorites on dashboard and assistance removing EOL ESX systems

So I have two issues.  First one is similar to someone that got and update to download that is no longer available and it comes into play when I select any or the Favorites to show up on the Dashboard.  In the CPU Pool, I select the star on the Last day and Last week then I on the same system I go into View and add the VMs Aggregated Last Day and Memory Last Day.

This is vmware with 6 ESX system in it that I want to be able to setup the Dashboard and this is hindering me.

Next is there a way to remove ESX boxes?  I know that I can wait 30 days but I am in the process of upgrading from 5.5 to 6.5 then 6.7 and currently I am doing an update to the hostnames from 5.5 to 6.5 so I would like to remove them so that I don't have 7 to 12 systems over the next 6 weeks.  There are others that look at this and explaining it just takes too much energy.

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