HMC Rest API. No managed systems found

I'm configuring an HMC rest connection and getting 'no managed systems found' for the API data test.

API host network connection is OK
API authorization is OK

webui access is enabled for the lpar2rrd REST user.  complains about unverified SSL certificate in

Using docker image, configuring via GUI

What to check next?


  • Hi,

    let us know if the issue persist

  • upgraded but it did not help

    to fix the certificate errors I had to modify    to include

    SSL_verify_mode => 0 

    in the line that initializes the $browser variable.

    Now the script complains that there is 1 hour time difference on the HMC, but both lpar2rrd and HMC time is the same, I have verified and rebooted the HMC.

    Rest API       2019-09-04 07:51:14        : Servers Check

    Rest API       HMC Time: 2019-09-04 06:51:14

    Timezone is the same EDT on both, and date +%s  prints the same seconds since epoch.  what am i doing wrong?

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