Granular Alerts

Good morning, is there a way to send certain alerts to different e-mail addresses?  Example:  We have Stor2RRD to e-mail our paging system.  We would like to e-mail SAN port up/down to a different e-mail so it does not page.

We are using free version 2.52

Thank you, Zach.


  • Hi,

    sure, define new alert, new email group and assign it to the new alert.
  • My apologies, is this available in the free version?  Thank you, Zach.

  • Is my UI missing some items?  Thank you, Zach.
  • no :)

    Alerting cfg : folow the settings icont on the top right --> Alerting
  • Apologies, I was in as the monitor user.  As admin I see the alerting.  My understanding is that the alerting you're referring to is more performance based.  For example, I can alert on a Switch's Limit, Peak, Repeat, etc...

    What I'm referring to are the alerts that are sent out when you configure the Options HW events tab.  Can those be granular?  Thank you, Zach.
  • ok, got it now.
    No, there is not implemented any granularity, just single emil and/or SNMP TRAP server

    You are the first one who missing it

  • OK, thank you.
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