Total - not working 'unzoom'

edited May 2019 in STOR2RRD
On demo site ( in section 'Total' not working 'unzoom'. Nothing happens after click the red crossed circle on the top right (unzoom).



  • Oops, same in 2.51 "Enterprise" :#
  • ok, it is a little bug, we will send you a fix soon.
  • Hi,

    use this as a fix, backup original one

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 stor2rrd stor2rrd 320550 May 15 09:23 html/jquery/main.js

    Gunzip it and copy to
    /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/html/jquery/main.js (755, stor2rrd owner)
    /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/www/jquery/main.js (755, stor2rrd owner)

    If your web browser gunzips it automatically then just rename it: mv main.js.gz main.js

    Assure that file size is the same as on above example

  • It works, thx.
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