Not all VMs showing

As a test I downloaded the appliance for Hyper-V and started up the VM, installed the agent on a Hyper-V hosts and evrything looks fine except that not all VMs are showing/gets detected.
OS: Windows Server 2019 STD.


  • Hi,

    send us a screnshot pls with some notes what is missing.
    have you configured agent_config.txt anyhow on the agent side?

  • Melderskin
    edited May 2019
    The "agent_config.txt" has not been changed. This is in a workgroup environment for testing.

    # if you want to use Active Directory for list of monitored servers, uncomment next line
    #Active directory=YES
    # if you want to choose only some servers from Act Dir list, uncomment and edit next line, keep commas to encapsulate servers

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