IBM i agent 1.1.5 expired


Today, the IBM i agent 1.1.5 stopped working/doesn't want to start on one of our 7.3 lpars.
When starting manually, I get a message stating the agent has been expired, although it was only installed last month , in fact 2019-02-18 and license was accepted back then granting until 2020-02-18.

ER:RTV_SYSSTS Expiration date of this client is 2019-04-30
ER:RTV_SYSSTS Please download new version of i5/OS client.
ER:RTV_SYSSTS i5/OS client ended.                         

After re-accepting the license:
OK:CL_ACCEPT Expiration date of this client is 2020-04-30
OK:CL_ACCEPT ended.   

Unfortunately, the agent keeps saying it is expired. RTV_SYSSTS & SND_SYSSTS jobs do no start.

I already tried reinstalling the agent on that LPAR from a fresh download of the installation package on the site, but no luck with that. Still same issue.    

Any ideas on what the cause could be and/or where to start troubleshooting?
Thanks in advance


  • I have noticed the same problem yesterday.
  • edited May 2019

    there is hardcoded expiration time (30th of Apr 2019), then the agent does not start. Running agents are not affected.

    It must be reinstalled with a new version. Only users of the free edition are affected.


    We will release 1.1.6 version today evening, it will work for next couple of years.


    I apologize, we forgot about it, actual v1.1.5 is there for couple of years, we expected more versions coming meanwhile, each with prolonged expiration time.

  • Hi Pavel,

    any release date right no for new 1.1.6 Version?

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    it has been just released.
  • Hi,
    is there a requisite for OS version for 1.1.6 IBM i agent?
    seem not working on a V6R1, unable to dspsavf the save file, CPF3743.
    any chance to have a V6R1 compatible agent?
    Thanks in advance
  • Hi,

    we are not aware of that, let us check it out, we will let you know soon.
  • Hi,

    We've reinstalled agent 1.1.6 and still getting 
     Mensaje . . . . :   ER:RTV_SYSSTS Expiration date of this client is 
    although we've accepted license again

  • Hi,

    this should not be, looks like you have there still 1.1.5 in place
    Are you sure that you used the right version for upgrade?
    Have you cleared up original one?


  • You're right the CL program we use to update had an error, we've corrected it in order to clear all library and savf copies before updating
  • Hi,

    regarding V6R1 support. Your right, it is not compilled with its support.
    we will re-compile it and let you know.

  • Hi,

    1.1.6 package with V6R1 support just re-placed original 1.1.6 on our download sites.
    Download it again and upgrade.
  • yeah thank you :smile:

  • so bad, even introverts are here (see my topic nearby with quick installation script)
  • Hi pavel ... we have the same problem with 1.1.7 : 

    OK:CL_ACCEPT Expiration date of this client is 2020-10-08.
    ER:RTV_SYSSTS Expiration date of this client is 2019-04-30.

    Could you please have a look ?

  • hi,

    it should not be, can you accept license again?
    go menu --> accept license

  • hi Pavel ... after I did a DLTLIB LPAR2RRD instead of CLEARLIB LPAR2RRD prior to installation it worked ...
    Dont know whether that was the reason or I did something wrong before.
    No it works
    Thanks and regards
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