Heatmap display issue

 until recently our heatmap has been working fine. I personally dont remember making any server changes that would cause the issue. In this instance we have a heatmap that for AIX PSeries lpars shows some but not all of the lpars correctly.
The grey ones usually suggest that the HMC capture has stopped for them but this is not the case.
All data is there but the heatmap.pl doesnt show the full set of data. When you hover over one of the grey lpars the info shows server name followed by : NAN.
So my question is why does it complete some of them, but not others even though the lpar data is being captured. Also the VMWare one isnt affected.
Many thanks



  • Hi,

    you you click on any grey square, what last time do you in the daily graphs? More than an hour?
    Compare it with working one. Are last update times same (similar)?
  • Hi Pavel .. yes its more than an hour old
    Ive just checked the HMC and the server hasnt changed as per the Daylight saving time in the UK, so its out by 1 hour
    Thanks .. ill get that sorted
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