Name of an Ldev?


just a question. HDS G1500. A new LUN XX:XX with Name "Testlun" ist added, an old LUN YY:YY with Name "Testlun1" ist removed.

Do i have to do something? The old lun goes down to zero, thats OK. The new lun is only reconized with the LDEV_ID, but not with the name (in stor2rrd). 


  • Hi,

    either wait for a new configuration to take place (it may take several hours), or  do following (changes will take effect within a few minutes)

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir

    rm data/<STORAGE_ALIAS>/IOSTATS/configuration/config-<STORAGE_ALIAS>.touch

    wait about 30 minutes then


    ./ html

    you should see new lun with name

    Thank you.
  • Will try this. The LDEV is shown in Stor2rrd, but without a name. It no brandnew lun, she is some days old. 
  • Hmmm. It wont. I get thte perf data and there is a name on the storage. Reboot and wait till monday.
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