STOR2RRD 2.50 annoucement

edited February 2019 in STOR2RRD
Major enhancements are support for more storage systems and new features.

New storage support

  • Dell EMC² PowerVault ME4 Series
  • Dell EMC² PowerMAX
  • IBM FlashSystem 9100

New features

  • Reporter - many enhancements
  • Report of inactive volumes (under Volume TOP) for last month
  • Total graphs (all storages in single graph IO/Data/Latency)
  • Grouping storages in then menu into custom defined groups
  • POOL capacity heatmap
  • Virtual capacity and over-subscription added to tables/graphs
  • HW summary of all devices (serial, IP, model ...)
For further details refer to release notes.
Download link, upgrade manual
Check our demo site to see new features and storages.


  • There is a small visual bug in the latest 2.50 version.
    The wrench icon of the problem now are showing near Reporter, but not HEALTH STATUS:

  • Hi,

    thanks for notifying us, we already know that :)
    There will be a new minor version which fixes it together with a few others in 2 weeks (2.51)
  • Missing /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/html/hist_reports-************.html

    All Historical reports pages (SAN, storage) stuck in loading

  • use Reporter as a replacement

    "historical reporting" feature is available only in the Enterprise edition of the product.

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