raidcom -a qry syntax


Noticed when doing a ps -ef |grep -i stor2........I see 
raidcom -a qry -o wwn -pport CL8-Q vavmdev -I2 -----> looks like it does this for all host grps

when i try to run the above command at the command prompt, get:

-bash-3.2$ raidcom -a qry -o wwn -pport CL8-Q vavmdev -I2
raidcom: Argument is unknown command '-a qry'
raidcom: [EW_UNWCMD] Unknown command

Is the syntax correct?  Version of CCI is below.

-bash-3.2$ raidqry -h
Model  : RAID-Manager/Linux/x64
Ver&Rev: 01-39-03/05

Thanks You


  • also running 2.41 of stor2rrd
  • Hello,

    You can ignore the raidcom commands that you see in the process list (ps -ef). For some reason, they do not appear syntactically correctly.

    Thank you
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