Run stor2rrd on Docker

Hoow we can ensure storage configuration and its data will remain available even server which hosts docker rebooted.


  • Hi,

    I do not understand the question.
    All tool configuration data and perf data from monitored storages is saved on the filesystem. Why it should be lost after the server reboot?
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    Hi ashoksa,

    data and configuration is held inside the container, you have to start the right one on system reboot. 
    docker run command creates new empty container, use docker start instead.

    Better way is to use Docker volume like this:
    docker run -d --name XoruX -v xorux:/home -p 8080:80 xorux/apps
    this will create container called XoruX and its data and configuration will be stored in volume called xorux . You can find info on this volume with command:
    docker volume inspect xorux
    All future instances of xorux/apps started with -v xorux:/home parameter will use data & cfg stored in xorux volume.

  • great help Jirka thanks for info.
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