NULL as name of old aix 5.1 machine

Dear team
Thank you for your great product
We have some problems with old AIX machines, some of them are return NULL as machine name. We found that it is result of the "uname -sL" command:
$ uname -sL
Could you return a hostname in this case?


  • Hi,

    this output:

     /usr/bin/perl /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/ -d <lpar2rrd server>

    You can send it event to if you have there sensitive data.

  • Hi,
    I have sent the output by email, and as temporary solution I have added next piece of code to the agent program:
    >       if ( $part_name eq "NULL" ) {
    >          $part_name = `uname -n`;
    >          chomp($part_name);
    >       }

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