VNX: Incorrect virtual capacity numbers

Since the update to v. 2.40, we now see the virtual capacity graphs for VNX arrays. However, the actual numbers are weird. For example, it shows 96 TiB, 108 TiB, 72 TiB of virtual capacity for 3 pools, instead of Unisphere reporting 43 TiB, 55 TiB and 36 TiB. Consequently, stor2rrd shows that every pool is oversubscribed while in fact they are not.


  • Hello Alex,

    we would need to see the output from the following command:

    naviseccli -h <VNX SP A IP> storagepool -list

    You can share the output here, or send it by email to
  • Got the patch. Now it's OK. Thank you.

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