aliasing issues

Have issues with aliasing. Stor2RRD v2.41

Two CX4-120 storages aliasing works well. For pool and for volume.

VNX5200 only pool aliasing works. But alias for pool containing space in item name doesn't work (for CX4-120 volume item names with spaces- ok). Space screening using "\" doesn't help. No one alias for volumes doesn't appear in console.

Please help.


  • Hi,

    do you have a space in alias name or in volume name?
  • VNX and Clariion is exactly same implementation, there is no difference
    do you see aliases in tmp/menu.txt?
    grep <alias> tmp/menu.txt
  • Hi.

    Sorry, my mistake. Rechecked names and find out mistake in volume item name. I should use uppercases chars LUN instead of Lun. This cause storage team gave in cx4 names like "Lun but in vnx gave names like "LUN".

  • But still have issue for "Pool 0" alias:
    from site:

    From alias.cfg:

    Already tried item name like:
    Pool\ 0
    'Pool 0'
    "Pool 0"

    Nothing works
  • just in case. In VNX this is pool not a raid group like others
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