Changing e-mail notifications

Hello Team,
I want to change a little e-mail notifications. At this moment i've got spam from Stor from e-mail notifications (copy service issue). How i can remove from notifications copy service? I want to get only e-mail from hardware, not from copy service...

p.s. I've got few global mirror with change volumes and i've get e-mails from this change volume repliaction ( STOR2RRD Copy Services Error for device)


  • Hi,

    what is your stor2rrd version?
  • Hello Pavel,
    2.40 Free

  • Hi,

    load this patch and let us know, there was a fix for this copy services issue.

    Download link:

    su - stor2rrd
    tar xvf stor2rrd-2.40-04.tar
    cd stor2rrd-2.40-04

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd

    refresh the GUI when it finishes (Ctrl-F5)

  • Hello Pavel,
    Last mail from Copy Service i've get from 9:50AM, i think your fix working properly.
  • I will try this as well.  We are at 2.40-03 and having Copy Services issues.  Thank you, Zach.
  • Hi Zach,

    I do not think it helps you, latest 2.40-3 you use already contains the latest copyservices fix.
    Anyway try it and let us know, we are working on a workaround for excluding copyservoces alerting as per other thread.

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