raidcom - problems after update to SLES SP3


any ideas about raidcom? Since the update to SP3 i cant gegt it to work without sudo
stor2rrd@server:~> raidcom
-bash: /usr/bin/raidcom: Permission denied

With sudo it works (sudo in the crontab in front of the vsp_perf script). But the grafics wont update


  • what about this as per install manual:

    Assure that everything is executable and writeable by stor2rrd user
    Use lpar2rrd user on the Virtual Appliance.
    This is a must! Under root identification execute this:
    # touch /HORCM/etc/USE_OLD_IOCT 
    # chown stor2rrd /HORCM
    # chown -R stor2rrd /HORCM/* /HORCM/.uds 
    # chmod 755 /HORCM /HORCM/usr/bin /HORCM/usr/bin/* /HORCM/log* /HORCM/etc/horcmgr /HORCM/etc/*conf /HORCM/.uds/ 

  • Oh man. I start my try to fix that from the wrong site. 
    Thanks. That works.
    "USE_OLD_IOCT" not sure? but i copy that without a change.

    Easy...if you knoiw what you do. 

  • Can i ask here pls?
    I have to try out RedHat, latest vs. I install all that stuff but i cant get horcm as user "stor2rrd" to work.

    As user root i can start horcminst without a problem.
    As user stor2rrd it wont work

    Do you have an idea? I doublechecked all that stuff. raidcom (only the command) works as stor2rrd, raidqry works but i cant start the instance

    [stor2rrd@serverrh ~]$
    starting HORCM inst 101
    HORCM inst 101 has failed to start.

    12:41:00-0b023-00001636- horcread():cannot open command device:\\.\CMD-35999:/dev/sd
    12:41:00-0b11a-00001636- [WARNING] This device(\\.\CMD-359999:/dev/sd) is not ready for receiving a command.
    12:41:00-0b1e2-00001636- [horcread] cmddevopen() start:'\\.\CMD-359999:/dev/sd'
    [System Call Error]
    SysCall: open
    Errorno: 2 (No such file or directory)
    ErrInfo: Internal Error
    ErrTime: Fri Nov 30 12:41:00 2018
    SrcFile: horcpprc.c
    SrcLine: 4193

    12:41:00-0b886-00001636- horcread():cannot open command device:\\.\CMD-359999:/dev/sd
    12:41:00-0b968-00001636- [WARNING] This device(\\.\CMD-359999:/dev/sd) is not ready for receiving a command.
    12:41:00-0ba32-00001636- No device is ready for receiving a command in 1 line from HORC_CMD.
    12:41:00-0bb14-00001636- CMDDEV for UnitID:0 has not been ready.
    12:41:00-0bc02-00001636- ERROR:horcm_cfg_create
    12:41:02-bd225-00001635- horcmgr:Failed to connect to HORCM.
    [root@sv-serverrh ~]#
  • Do you use command device? I see /dev/sd

    Probably user rigths for command device is wrong
     ls -l /dev/sd*

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