Snapshot status for VNX


any plans to implement a display for snaphot status for VNX arrays just like you do for Storwize/SVC? This information is relatively easy to obtain using naviseccli.

Here's how the output looks like:

/opt/Navisphere/bin/naviseccli -h <ip-addr was here> snap -list

Name:  my_snaphot
Creation time:  10/18/18 02:20:01
Source LUN(s):  4
Source CG:  N/A
State:  Ready
Allow Read/Write:  Yes
Modified:  Yes
Allow auto delete:  No
Expiration date:  10/18/18 22:20:01

The output is empty if no snaphots exist.


  • Hi Alex,

    well, no plans here, VNX an an old model, we do not want to invest too much our time to that.
    Anyway, you are going to be a customer soon, then we might go for that as part of our customer support services.
    It does not look complicated :)

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