LPAR2RRD 4.85 and iExplorer 9

Having some problems with iExplorer 9 and colors. Example ./. under HMC Totals/Server .. the graph looks fine .. the table underneath .. colorcodes are showing as Hex instead of the color. I have updated to latest Java .. Firefox does not seem to have a problem.

#FF0000| LPAR Name | 0.86| 7.58
#0000FF| LPAR2 Name | 0.05| 0.20


  • Hi,

    there is a bug in the latest release (4.85) which affects only IE9.
    As a hot fix use:

    gunzip it and copy this file into (under lpar2rrd user)
    cp main.js /home/lpar2rd/lpar2rrd/html/jquery/
    chmod 755 /home/lpar2rd/lpar2rrd/html/jquery/main.js

    cp main.js /home/lpar2rd/lpar2rrd/www/jquery/
    chmod 755 /home/lpar2rd/lpar2rrd/www/jquery/main.js
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