CPG issue with newest level 2.01

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Hello Stor2rrd Team,

I have one problem with newest stor2rrd 2.01, it stops drawing CPG graphs for 2of3 of my 3PARs .
3PAR2 CPG graphs are there and are correct, no problem here, but for 3PAR 1 and 3 stor2rrd is not drawing CPGs,
there is only one field under "POOL (CPG)" which is "Capacity", the rest of them like IO, DATA, ITEMS are gone, it shows nothing. The only difference beetwen my 3PARS is firmware level, the one where graphs are there is 3.2.1 MU2, the other 2 where no graphs are showed is 3.2.1 MU5.

3PAR1 - 3.2.1 MU5
3PAR2 - 3.2.1 MU2
3PAR3 - 3.2.1 MU5

In stor2rrd 1.35 all is fine with all 3PARs, but with newest 2.01 I have this, and I already tested upgrade installation, and clean installation. Still the same problem. Also there are no errors in error log and in output log .

Please advise how to correct this problem .


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