Problems getting VNXe file performance data

I have 3 VNXe on my environment running only file access (NFS). I've configured on stor2rrd but all performance data is not available and the structure created It's missing my server names and filesystems. Are there any restrictions using this equipment model only in file access? Do I need volumes configured as block access? I got these messages after executed

Mon Sep  4 16:08:25 2017: vnxe-3100-vm2: Problem with configuration load, no VOLUME has been found, is there really exist one? : /data/stor2rrd/data/vnxe-3100-vm2/config.html bin/
Mon Sep  4 16:08:25 2017: vnxe-3100-vm2: Volumes cfg file has been found : /data/stor2rrd/data/vnxe-3100-vm2/VOLUME/volumes.cfg ./bin/
Mon Sep  4 16:08:25 2017: Exiting vnxe-3100-vm2 as some core cfg file is missing: config.html || pool.cfg || volumes.cfg

I have some errors on my error log:

Mon Sep  4 17:40:22 2017: uemcli command failed: "/usr/bin/uemcli -d -u stor2rrd -p XXXXX -noHeader /stor/prov/luns/lun show -detail -output nvp" : /data/stor2rrd/bin/ :
Mon Sep  4 17:40:22 2017: Operation failed. Error code: 0x1000300 :
Mon Sep  4 17:40:22 2017: The requested object could not be found on the system. Recheck the command name. (Error Code:0x1000300) :


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