Configuring Alerts in STOR2RRD by using Traps to a Nagios XI Server

Hello there.

I have been working on testing the alerting in Stor2rrd via SNMP Traps to Nagios XI server. Following the documentation on how to set this up looks very simple. That is downloading the MIB files and importing it in Nagios XI which I have done.


1. Nagios XI server is setup and configured to run the following:

snmptt --daemon

2. STOR2RRD and LPAR2RRD is setup on the same servers as the Nagios XI server

I have setup alerting on a certain volumes to measure read/write response times, if the threshold exceed or hits the limit is will alert via email and as well as via SNMP Traps to the Nagios XI server.

- The Email alerting works fine, but the traps are not working

Has anyone set this up before and got it working properly please. The system and snmptt logs indicate that the traps are not defined

Any help or pointer in the right direction will be awesome



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