HDS G1*00 and GAD Setup?


we try to test arround with this great tool. We are using HDS G1000/G1500 with a setup called GAD (Global Active device).
One of the master problems are that we cant see all the hosts - picture in attachment. I have to blur out the names. We only see two of....40? And this 2 are hosts who are not using GAD. 

The problem: I cant send you some internal logs because its confidential. 



  • Hi,

    1. try to wait 1 day or so, reporting host configuration sometimes take longer for that storage type
    2. if even after 1 day nothing (do Ctrl-F5 in the GUI) then switch to volume based host graphs, check "known issues" here: http://www.stor2rrd.com/host_docu.htm?1.4.3

  • Hmmm, OK. will try it. But these systems are brand new. Our old VSP System are working perfect. I waitet since last week. 
  • Hi,
    that dosent work. If you have hosts in a GAD Setup this tool will not recognize it if they are in a VSM

  • Hi,

    pls send us this data, we will check if the storage provides stats for these hosts:

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd
    tar cvf d.tar data/<storage name>/IOSTATS  tmp/<storage name>-*
    gzip -9 d.tar
  • Done. Will try to help :)
  • Hello, I've faced a similar problem with an HP XP7 array (rebranded VSP G1000). Please make sure you have all your hosts added into Performance Monitor in Hitachi Device Manager. Make sure you have nicknames for all host WWPNs, not just Host Groups (open the Hosts tab under Hosts/Host Groups/iSCSI Targets, select a host, click Edit Host, type in a name next to "Host Name"). BTW, we also have plans to implement GAD, so it'll be nice to know how stor2rrd is doing in your setup.

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