packet graphs do no contain data for latest 5.0 update

We have upgraded our server and agents to the latest 5.0 releases but the graphs for packets do not contain data. 


  • your right, it worked but it is not longer working in 5.00.
    we will look at that and let you know.
  • Thanks Pavel

    Gunzip it and copy to /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/bin (755, lpar2rrd owner)
    -rwxr-xr-x    1 lpar2rrd staff        216624 May 20 09:56 bin/
    If your web browser gunzips it automatically then just rename it: mv

    kill running
    su - lpar2rrd
    cd /homne/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    ./ daemon

    You should see data in packet graphs after 30 minutes
  • Hi Pavel, that did not appear to work. i've left it running for a day
  • Actually, it is working on the 4.96 clients but not the 5.0 clients. 
  • it should not be, I have just test it with both version and it works, there is only minimal change betweeen those versions.
    Can you assure that LPARs with 5.00 agent really do not have packet graphs?
  • Actually Pavel doing research, all clients that were at one point 4.95 or below are not reporting packets after being upgraded to either 4.96 or 5.0. Any client that had a fresh install of 4.96 or 5.0 does report packets correctly
  • Hi Pavel, any suggestions on how to resolve this?
  • I simply does not belive that :)
    we have checked that in a customer environment with hundreds lpars where OS agents are upgraded since v1 and all lpars have packets.
    Upgrade cannot have influence on that.

    Could it be that difference is Operating system (linux vrs AIX, AIX 6.1 vrs 7.x ...)
    Can you have a look. This is something I would believe :)

  • Pavel, I apologize. The previous admin apparently decided he wanted to put the a script in /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/bin rather than the default location of /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/ so the crontab entries were still calling the old script and not the new updated one for 5.0. I've since fixed the crontab entries and the data is coming through. 
  • ok, that explains that, agent upgrade was done but the old agent was still running.

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