lpar2rrd config file export - HMC issue

 We have an issue at present wth the output of the lpar configuration data from the HMCs. What happened was that we had an issue with one of the HMCs where we needed to raise a call with IBM. This meant it was offline for a period. During that time i switched the lpar2rrd capture to the secondary HMC. This obviously created another set of folders etc but the system recognised the change and all the historical data for the lpars remained which was ideal.
The issue i have now is that when i export the config data for all lpars into csv format i get data from both HMCs.
I now have data that is current and data that is old i.e from the last time the original HMC ran. I would like to exclude the config data from the original HMC and only have the latest version exported.
Could you let me know what files need to be removed/renamed/linked so that when it runs the script to generate the lpar-config.csv that it does not pick up the old versions.
The original HMC remains there as it had a lot of historical data which i wanted to keep.
Hope this makes sense


  • Hi,

    ok, I think I got it :)

    You can try this. I am not sure how it will work, just make backup before via tar (place there these 3 paths)

    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    rm data/*/<old HMC>/config.cfg
    rm data/*/<old HMC>/cpu.cfg*
    rm data/*/<old HMC>/cpu-pools-mapping.txt

  • Hi Pavel
     thanks for the update but that didnt resolve the issue fully. Would there be anything in WWW that would need removing as well ?
  • no, it is only about data dir I believe.
    What is the problem now?
  • The data from both HMCs old and new is still there .. would this be from the config.html files at all ?
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