custom port for clients


on LPAR2RRD's side you can define custom port via LPAR2RRD_AGENT_DAEMON_PORT=8162 in lpar2rrd.cfg, but where can I set custom port to agent? Would this: __LPAR2RRD-SERVER__:1234 work?



  • yes [-d] [-c] [-n __NMON_DIR__] __LPAR2RRD-SERVER__[:__PORT__]
  • OK, as I expected, thanks
  • I dont want to open new topic, but I just dont see data from client on WEB page. Data are probably received:

    grep bla /home/lpar2r_2/lpar2rrd/load.out
    add to menu L : : : OS agent

    The client was configured about 3 hours ago
  • You mean that you do not see data or the client entry at all? I suppose the entry.

    you should see it in the GUI if it is printed here:
    grep bla /home/lpar2r_2/lpar2rrd/tmp/menu.txt

    If not then Ctrl-F5 in the GUI or try another browser to exclude browser caching.

  • I meant "no entry".

    there is a corresponding line in menu.txt: "", I presume I shoud see "+no_hmc" item as "first level" submenu?
  • I also tried different browser
  • Hi Tibor,
    please send us your menu.txt file via , we'll check it
  • You should see it under "Linux" item in SERVER level.
  • I just sent you a screenshot
  • I see it. There is no IBM Power server, just VMware. This might cause a problem. We will look at it and let you know soon.
  • Yes, we have two instances of LPAR2RRD, this one is just VMware + linux servers, some of them standalone
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