trend line on the CPU POOL max

I'm interested in detecting trends in the peak CPU usage.  Would it be hard to build a trend chart for the CPU Pool max tab, similar to the one you have for the CPU Pool?


  • it would not be hard but it does not make sense fo me.
    trending MAX might be a lot misleading as one even short (1min) peak during the day can affect trend a lot.
  • Pavel

     I'm interested to see if the high water mark on the CPUs is trending higher, and how it compares to the average cpu projection

    Our "capacity planning" team wants to make sure CPU pools have 20% headroom over one minute peak usage (even if it's a single "busy" minute in 24 hrs). this will provide spare cycles for unexpected very short bursts of activity  that would not be detectable on any of the charts but can still affect the response time of the application and user experience.  Just passing along the request..

  • I understand what your team wants, but I am still not convinced if such trend helps them anyhow.
    Well, let us check how complicated it would be, when it is quite easy (what I am think) then we will go for it even in coming 5.00. We will see if we manage it as a lot of work actually around before the release.
    I will let you know ....

  • Pavel. great, thanks for considering it.
  • Hi,

    it is implemented in recent released 5.00
  • thank you very much for adding this. I have upgraded to v5 and it's exactly what we were looking for.

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