Alerting on Paging utilization

Is it possible to enable an alerting on the percentage of paging utilization which is show in LPAR2RRD GUI under "Paging 2"?

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  • yes, there is general paging rule for that in etc/alert.cfg

    #SWAP:server:lpar name:swapping in kB/sec::peek time in min:alert repeat time in min:email group

    Anyway it is going to be deprecated in coming 5.0 version where is completle new OS agent based alerting. You will be able set global paging alert or per lpar paging alert through the GUI.
    actual etc/alert.cfg will be imported into new alerting

  • Hi Pavel,
    thank you for your feedback. I know this alarm. I would like to have an alarm based on the fill level of the paging space. Is that also possible?
  • ok, this is not posible now.
    It will be in new 5.00. It is already implemented there.
  • I'm curious to the 5.0 version :-)
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