I have searched a bit, but cannot find any description of how to backup/restore LPAR2RRD.
My main concern is, that I don't want to risk loosing the historical data, that is in the system.
Any hints?



  • Hi,

    use standard filesystem backup, nothing especial is needed.
    All data is under "data" dir.  In fact nothng else is needed.

    For restore again standard filesystem recovery.
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    Hi Pavel

    Thank you. Standard filesystem backup is now established (haven't tested restore, but will do some day).
    To make it simple, I make complete backup of /home (there is nothing but LPAR2RRD on this server).
    I use the LPAR2RRD server itself to import NMON files (sending to localhost). To have a complete "point in time" backup, I guess that I also need "timing files" under /var/tmp , so I also make complete backup of /var
    For a restore test, I plan to restore complete /home and all lpar2rrd* files from /var/tmp
    Anything else?

  • /var/tmp is not really necessary but it could be included.
    There is just a timestaps for already collected nmon data. If it is not there it will be recreated.
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