HP 3PAR 7400 - Issues with showing CPG inforamtion on heavily used CPGs

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Hi Chaps,

I am having a bit of an issue regarding displaying Heatmap/Pool information for the heavily used CPGs on our 3PAR. All lightly used CPGs report as normal.

Just for reference I am looking under: Storage -> "Array Name" -> Pool -> Items -> "CPG Name".

If I select the front end graphs then  no stats show. However if I select the back end graphs I can see the stats.

The reason why I believe this is an issue is I suspect that the Heatmap is using the front end stats and because of this it is not populating correctly. (We have 19 CPGs but only 8 are showing on the heatmap).

We were running version 1.25 until today when we upgraded to the latest version 1.35.

It may be worth adding that the front end CPG graphs have not worked on either version, we were awaiting this version to see if it fixed the issue.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can get around this?

Kind regards,



  • Hi,

    hetmap is using front-end data.
    We are actually re-implementing 3PAR based on discussion with HP 3PAR experts.
    There will be many changes in coming 1.40 (Apr 2017).
    CPG (pool) front end stats will be discontinued anyway. It cannot be mapped to real traffic on front-end from data which storage provides.
    Its is all because of highly virtualized storage does many reallocation "tricks" on the background and it is hard to map to "normal" storages containg disks/volumes/pools/ports/hosts.

    Actual our problem is that we have no access to any running 3par ...  :(
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