Don't know if this is feasible, but is it possible to include some sort of auto-refresh function for the likes of the default displays like CPU Pools or individual LPARs where these displays already include the refresh icon?
If possible then perhaps also provide a range of refresh intervals e.g. 5min, 15min, 1 hour...?

Make a nice Christmas present   :-)



  • Hi,

    there is already auto refresh of all graphs per each 10 minutes.  However if there is not any data update on the background then it does not help of course.

    Refresh icon is something else, it issues HMC data load for specific graph.

    As a workaroung you can schedule more often in case it does not take too long.
    Check how long takes, if couple of minutes then schedulle every 15 - 20 minutes and you get more fresh data in the GUI even with actual setup.
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