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We consider monitoring also VMWare in addition to AIX servers. The question is - is it possible to restrict one group of users to AIX graphs, the second group to VMWare graphs and then then to have a group that can view all graphs?

Currently we use IP addresses in httpd conf file to restring access, as we have "everybody can see everything" policy it is fine for now...



  • Hi,

    there is no direct solution for this situation.
    The product supports Active Directory authorization however it is not yet implemented on VMware part (it allows to restrict visibility of LPARs or servers in IBM Power part only per AD group setting)

    Only the way how this could be done at the moment is installing 2 independent product instances (on the same server) and use separate virtual web configuration for each one.
  • if you have 2 product instances on different virtual web servers then is easy to setup acces sfor each of them via Apache basic authorization.
    You can have 2 users, one would see Power lpar2rrd instance only and the other one VMware.
  • OK, two instances is also a possible solution. We will test it
  • Hi,

    We would like to use VM level restrictions too. When is it expected to be implemented for VMWare? Is there a roadmap for the future releases?

  • Hi,
    it is "only planed" so far.
    Realization depends on its priority.
    Priority is raising if there is general demand for such feature (like this discussion :) ) or if a customer asks for that.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer.
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