IBM flashsystem 900 API Problem


I am trying to make a transaction using the API document in the link below, but I am stuck at the very beginning.


The doc says that we can access the root directory without authentication to get the API version.


When I try to access the device as, I get the following warnings;

Bad Request - Invalid Hostname

HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.

I am working on a software that will monitor the system via APIs. Can you help?


  • Hi,

    I am affraid you will have to ask IBM support directly.

    That forum is about Xorux products only.

    We do monitoring IBM FlashSystems (demo: ) but we do not use the API, we use FlashSystem CLI. Thus we are unable to help you anywhow.

  • It was a detail I discovered. When I send an API request to flashsystem 900 at IP address over a different network, I get these errors. However, if I send an API request from, I get a response.

    But the system I built with API progress is on a different local ip on a different VLAN inside. How can I make flashsystem 900 respond to API requests from a different local ip inside.

  • I will try to reach IBM support. thank you for your interest.

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