DB2 Agent : clarification requested for the different tags

Where can I find accurate description of the different graphs created by the DB2 agent?

As an example on the Rows tab, what is meant with Modified, Returned etc?

Is there an overall documentation available?


  • Hello,

    you can find more specific info about most of the metrics here:



    he number of rows inserted, updated, or deleted.This monitor element is an alias of the rows_written monitor element.

    This monitor element includes activity for rows in permanent tables and temporary tables. It is possible in certain circumstances for its value to be greater than the sum of the monitor elements rows_inserted, rows_updated, and rows_deleted.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    So in the above picture inserted+updated+deleted is around 200 in total. If rows_modified is 400 times bigger, there is a huge amount of temporary tables involved

    Because there is a similar huge gap between rows_returned and rows_read, I can imagine that there are many queries with full table scans only returning small amount of rows (possibly making use of the temporary tables in the meantime).

    Does that seem to be a correct assumption?

  • ask some DB2 admin, we just present metrics we get, we have not admin knowledge

  • @Pavel, you are completely correct

    @Damerva , thanks

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