AIX lpar's vscsi1 performance data not on file

Hello I'am new here.

Our AIX Lpars are only give performance data from vscsi0 en not from vscsi1

Our server has the same version (4.95-0) as the client

Can somebody help me... Thanks

  8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0105-FTP:20:1478860981:Fri Nov 11 11:43:01 2016 version .95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp010




  • Hi,

    pls this output:

    iostat -Dsal

  • the output of iostat -Dsal :

                           Kbps   tps bkread bkwrtn partition-id   rps    avg    min    max   wps    avg    min    max    avg    min    max   avg   avg  serv
                                                                         serv   serv   serv         serv   serv   serv   time   time   time  wqsz  sqsz qfull
    vscsi0                 27.1   3.8    1.7    2.2            1   0.0   1.5H   0.4    0.9  27701.4   0.0    0.3    1.7    0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0   0.0

    Disks:                           xfers                                read                                write                                  queue

                           %tm    bps   tps  bread  bwrtn   rps    avg    min    max time fail   wps    avg    min    max time fail    avg    min    max   avg   avg  serv
                           act                                    serv   serv   serv outs              serv   serv   serv outs        time   time   time  wqsz  sqsz qfull
    hdisk0                 0.0  26.8K   0.0  18.6K   8.2K   0.5   0.4    0.0    0.0     0    0   1.5  
    hdisk1                 0.1 943.3    0.0 599.8  343.6    1.2   0.2    0.1    0.3     0    0   0.7  
    hdisk2                 0.2 941.5    0.0 597.9  343.6    1.2   0.7    0.5    0.9     0    0   0.7  
    hdisk4                 0.4  16.9K   0.0  12.1K   4.9K   0.1   0.5    0.0    0.0     0    0   0.1  

    Vadapter:                        xfers                                 read                        write                              queue

                           Kbps   tps bkread bkwrtn partition-id   rps    avg    min    max   wps    avg    min    max    avg    min    max   avg   avg  serv
                                                                         serv   serv   serv         serv   serv   serv   time   time   time  wqsz  sqsz qfull
    vscsi1                 17.4   2.1    1.3    0.8            2   0.0  26.5M   0.1    0.2  17854.0   0.0    0.3    0.3    0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0   0.0

  • Interesting, I checking if it works on our lab machines and no problem with second vscsi interface. We will try to simulate with above output of iostat and will see
  • can you send us this output :
    iostat -Dsal 60 1 > iostat.txt

    Attach it either via post here or directly send to us:


  • Is this problem fixed?
    I tried the OS agent on an AIX LPAR and I see only vscsi0 data in the GUI.
  • I do not think so. We would need iostat output requested above.
  • sorry , I was a long timeout of office

    Here is the asked log of  iostat -Dsal 60 1

  • Hi,

    I see the problem. There is no any disk (hdisk) under vscsi1.
    I am not sure why as there is some traffic on that adapter.
    We get response time per adapter from disk stats, then you caoont see response time, I am not sure about io/data, we might get them also from disk stats.

    if there is disk under any adapter then it is working.
    check your data for vscsi1
    ls -l data/*/*/*/*vscsi1*mmm

    Is anything listed? If so then you shoudl see it in the GUI.

  • Hello

    ls -l data/*/*/*/*vscsi1*mmm  no files found

    ls -l data/*/*/*/*vscsi0*mmm  there are files 

    we have the next config on the system

    root@h01pp0148 /root # lspath -El hdisk4 -p vscsi0 > priority 1 Priority True
    root@h01pp0148 /root # lspath -El hdisk4 -p vscsi1 > priority 2 Priority True
    root@h01pp0148 /root # lspath -El hdisk5 -p vscsi0 > priority 2 Priority True
    root@h01pp0148 /root # lspath -El hdisk5 -p vscsi1 > priority 1 Priority True

    for hdisk5 the priority is to use vscsi1

    The command iostat -Dsal 60 1 shows that hdisk5 has I/O

    hdisk4                 3.3  88.9K   0.0  14.2K  74.7K   1.3   0.5    0.2    1.1     0    0   6.3   8.0    0.9    3.2     0    0   0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0   0.2
    hdisk5                 3.8 110.5K   0.0  21.2K  89.3K   2.6   0.7    0.2    1.7     0    0   7.1   5.7    0.9    6.9     0    0   0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0   0.0   0.1

    We have several LPar's they use vscsi1

    vscsi0  is going via VIOS 1

    vscsi1  is going via VIOS 2

    So we spread the I/O  over 2 VIOS LPAR's 



  • extra info

    Disks:         % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtn
    hdisk4            4.2     6950.8      90.2   124181842185  17552823535

    Paths:         % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtn
    Path1             0.0       0.0       0.0      44556     28836
    Path0             4.2     6950.8      90.2   124181797641  17552794831  (vscsi0)

    Disks:         % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtn
    hdisk5            1.8     3532.0      44.1   67739108770  4282253526

    Paths:         % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtn
    Path1             1.7     3532.0      44.1   67739108770  4282253526  (vscsi1)
    Path0             0.0       0.0       0.0          0         0

    you can see that vscsi1 is used

  • pls this output

    iostat -Dsal 1 60
    tail /var/tmp/lpar2rrd*txt
  • hello,

    here the output you ask for

    8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0148-ORACLE:34:1495531200:Tue May 23 11:20:00 2017 version 4.95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp0148:0::mem:::41943040:36502692:5440348:6671544:28702008:7800684:pgs:::0:0:20480:0:::lan:en0:
    8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0148-ORACLE:34:1495531260:Tue May 23 11:21:00 2017 version 4.95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp0148:0::mem:::41943040:36559176:5383864:6676176:28752016:7807160:pgs:::0:0:20480:0:::lan:en0:
    8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0148-ORACLE:34:1495531320:Tue May 23 11:22:00 2017 version 4.95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp0148:0::mem:::41943040:36640304:5302736:6671244:28748168:7892136:pgs:::0:0:20480:0:::lan:en0:
    8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0148-ORACLE:34:1495531380:Tue May 23 11:23:00 2017 version 4.95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp0148:0::mem:::41943040:36639492:5303548:6671144:28746872:7892620:pgs:::0:0:20480:0:::lan:en0:
    8231-E2D*067698T:P_H01PP0148-ORACLE:34:1495531440:Tue May 23 11:24:00 2017 version 4.95-0:4228000000|4:h01pp0148:0::mem:::41943040:36642804:5300236:6671368:28749588:7893216:pgs:::0:0:20480:0:::lan:en0:
  • edited May 2017
    iostat does not report any disk under vscsi1. It is the reason.
    I am not able to explain you why there is not anything. iostat usually report adapter stats and under it disk stats attached to that interface. We use these disk stats and makling our summary per adapter.
    If there is no any disk under the adapter then we cannot make any numbers.

    I am not sure if this is a problem of the iostat.
    Anyway I have attached a screenshot how iostats normaly reports it.

  • ok, thanks pavel.

    I don't also no why it is not in the command iostat -Dsal but there is I/O on the vscsi1 and there are disks on it.
    But you can do nothing because lparrrd is using the output of that command and if there is nothing ( it is strange ) you cannot use it.  
  • If hdisks are being dual pathed via two different vscsi's to two different VIO images then iostat will report ALL the IO stats for both under one of those vscsi's as it either doesn't keep track of or doesn't report which vscsi path is used to do the IO. The other will show with no disks in iostat.  
  • yes, ther eis a workaround suggested someone to us.
    At first check what path is active and then assigne all traffic to it.
    At least it is how I understood it, we have not tested code yet he has provided us.
  • Not sure how that would work or I don't understand.  I have all hdisks dual pathed with half of the hdisks set with path priority=1 down one vscsi path with the other vscsi path set to path priority=2 while the other half of hdisks have the path priorities reversed.  iostat still reports all the IO activity for all hdisks under just one vscsi while the other vscsi appears with no hdisks even though half of the hdisk use this path for their IO.
    Not a problem for me; just sharing... 
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