LPAR2RRD agent is terminating abnormally on some IBMi partitions

Recent audits have shown that the LPAR2RRD agent running on IBMi has encountered the following issue. The RTV job in the LPAR2RRD subsystem is goes into a OUTQ status and the collection ends abnormally with an application error: CPF0A42 unmonitored by C_RTVSTS at statement 0000004735, instruction X'0000'. 

These systems are running IBMi 7R3 with the 1.1.7-full LPAR2RRD agent.


  • Hi,

    we have never seen such issue, do not you use big memory pools (50-100GB) oftenly changiung size? There was recently fixed such issue.

    if do not, send us a joblog: support at lpar2rrd dot com

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