Pkts Errors IN:


I faced issues with Pkts Errors IN: last day appears but without number(AVERAGE/MAX) in port error



  • because max it is about 0.5 error/sec and legend presents just number without decimal

  • Now I need to know which interface is facing the error if there is no number appearing inside the port.

    I have a conflict with color as you see a lot of colors.

  • use standard graph, not this one, there is sortable legend (per average and max) and number on 2 decimals, you should easilly see there

    it like this one:

  • I do not see " IO CRC errors" in our packet >>> SW L3

    the frame appears in your demo >>> SWL2

    as mentioned in image

  • because my example was from SAN switch, how could I know you were talking about LAN switch?

    OK, there should be 2 decimals to see it properly in the legend

    We will fix that soon, there will be a new version released this week v7.80 which will include it most probbably

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